Every Martin Scorsese movie ranked: From Casino to Goodfellas

For me Casino is a sequel to Goodfellas, like Empire to New Hope. Different stories in same universe. When compared to all other movies Goodfellas is best of the series, just like New Hope will always be brought up as best Star Wars. Yet in those respective universes Casino captures more and feels more lived in and fun then Goodfellas just like Empire feels better then New Hope. I'm going with Casino it feels like the same movie as Goodfellas but to me it's better there's just more going on in it seve24. on 5/2/2014 . Goodfellas is a masterpiece, cinematically and as entertainment. Casino isn't even nearly as entertaining. It still shocks me that so many people go with Casino but Goodfellas is a lot better in every single way than Casino HorrorHistorian5. on 5/26/2014 Laced within are the same themes of greed, ambition, and consequences, but hinged more on three central figures, as opposed to primarily Henry in GOODFELLAS. Because of this, I think CASINO has a I’m not here to argue that Casino is better than Goodfellas. It’s not. It’s not as tight as Goodfellas, it’s less fun, and it’s not quite as funny or quotable. There are some logistical reasons for that. Where Goodfellas was adapted from a publish... Yep. They’re both two of the greatest, most entertaining and most riveting yarns about gangsterdom ever put to screen, both by the same incredible director, but I would wager Martin Scorsese ’s follow-up Casino (1995) is better than its similar sibling film Goodfellas (1990). I’d even goes as far to claim that The Departed and The Wolf of Wall Street are better than Goodfellas, but that Someone once said.....that no matter what movie you are making, someone across town is making the same exact movie. That does appear to be the case with Goodfella's and Casino. Scripts get passed around for approval, and many people see them and probably end up rejecting the script, but then lifting some ideas....and just changing a few details-----so as not to get sued. Every Martin Scorsese movie ranked: From Casino to Goodfellas. By Thomas Barrie 17 November 2020. As Martin Scorsese celebrates his 78th birthday, we took a look back at half a century of his Casino is a good film but it lacks those signature moments that Goodfellas had. There is no "Funny? How am I funny?" or "Get your shinebox" moment. Casino I personally don't care for but it's a very good film. So even when I remove myself from the equation, I see why Goodfellas is a superior film. I probably would have liked Casino more if it had a few of those classic moments that Goodfellas had. Casino Goodfellas Movie. Martin Scorsese is the reputable professional whose greater part of works is considered to be the best cult movies. In 1990 he has collaborated with Nicholas Pileggi the author of the non-fiction book Wiseguy for the creation of a screenplay to the semi-fictional crime drama. Actually, Goodfellas was planned to be directed before 'The Last Temptation of Christ H. Perry Horton; June 23, 2017; Martin Scorsese’s Greed Trilogy: ‘Goodfellas,’ ‘Casino,’ and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ The master filmmaker and a deadly sin.

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